Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller

Use this battery powered Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller to repel mice indoors without harming them. Use this humane mouse repeller to keep kitchens, outbuildings, sheds, cravans and lofts free from mice without having to resort to traps and pois

Greengardener - Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller

This Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller is totally safe PLUS pets and other wildlife is unaffected. It emits a ultrasonic signal to permanently protect an unobstructed area of up to approx 90 sqm / 1000 sq.ft. Once installed, a 9v Duracell alkaline battery will last for 6 months, so it is a simple and cost effective way to ban mice from your home. Added bonus! It has been reported to be effective on rats as well. Made in the UK it is is guaranteed for 24 months.

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller


Mouse Repellers x 2 saving £5.00


Mouse Repellers x3 saving £10.00