Scary Eyes

If you have problems with birds defecating on your balcony patio, car, caravan, boat or buildings or destroying your crops or attacking your pond, then use these bird repellers to harmlessly encourage these unwanted visitors to move somewhe

Greengardener - Scary Eyes

Scary Eyes Window Sticker - These window stickers fit on the inside of any flat glass surface i.e. fit on the inside of a conservatory window. They are approximately 120mm x 120mm in size and feature the Eagle Eyes image. As well as deterring birds, they look great and stop the chance of someone walking into a patio door or indeed from birds flying into a window.

Scary Eyes Plaques - These plastic plaques are ideal for keeping birds away from wooden pergolas, raised vegetable beds, for attaching to fences and for detering birds from car ports, etc. Each plastic plaque measures 100mm x 210mm features 3 different designs Owl, Hawk and Eagle eyes. Use Hawk Scary Eyes to deter a range of birds up to pigeon size. Use Eagle Scary Eyes to deter a range of birds up to 4.5kg including gulls, seabirds, pigeons, magpies and crows. Use Owl Scary Eyes to deter a range of small birds i.e. bullfinches from apple trees.

Eagle Window Sticker


Eagle Window Stickers x3 saving £12.47


Owl Plaque


Eagle Plaque


Hawk Plaque


Scary Plaque Family 1 of each - 3 plaques in total