Mole Repellents

Moles are one of the most destructive of garden pests and can cause havoc in lawns and flower beds. Use our Solar Mole Repeller and our Mole Repllent Granules to keep moles away.

Greengardener - Mole Repellents

Zoley Moley Mole Granules is a biodegradable granule made from the dried left-overs from organic olive oil production mixed with Mediterranean herbs, which repels moles. It is simply tipped into the tunnel beneath the molehill. Made from only natural ingredients, it is harmless to wildlife and safe to use on lawns and borders. Available in 3 litre bags.

This Solar Moler will work away day after day, without having the worry or expense of changing batteries. Powered by a small solar panel, it emits a discreet noise underground that the mole can hear. Being inquisitive the mole is initially attracted to the noise, but after a few days it will become increasingly irritated and move away. Each Solar Moler treats over 600sqm.

Solar Molar


Zoley Moley 3 Litres