Straw Mulch Pellets

This effective straw mulch absorbs water to reduce fungal diseases, but also supresses weeds, stops moisture loss, reduces slug and snail activity and as it breaks down it releases nutrients into the soil.

Greengardener - Straw Mulch Pellets

This mulch is made from BRITISH straw and as well as being highly absorbent, it is clean and easy to handle, won’t blow away and looks great too! This straw mulch is highly absorbent, so it will quickly absorb water (rainfall and watering) and lock it in creating a "micro climate" around your plants, which is beneficial for your plants, but stops fungal diseases such as blight and mildew from thriving. Supplied in pellet form, simply spread it over the surface of the soil to a depth of approx. Supplied in 15KG bags, each bag will mulch an area of 4sqm to a depth of 5cm. At the end of each season, the mulch can be left to rot away (releasing nutrients into the soil) or dug in to improve soil structure.

Straw Mulch 15kg


Straw Mulch 2 x 15kg saving £10.00