Red Spider Mite Traps

These Red Band Spider Mite Traps™ are the simple and effective way of trapping / monitoring adult spider mites. As the red spider mites climb upwards searching for food the mites are lured onto a sticky waxed pad suspended above the plant.

Greengardener - Red Spider Mite Traps

Simply suspend the very sticky waxed pad 30cm / 12" above the plant with the string trailing down into the top of the plant and as the mites move to the top of the plant, they continue climbing up the string dangling from the trap and onto the sticky wax pad from which there is no escape! The sticky pads only need to be replaced when they are covered in red spider mites, so it is a very simple and cost effective method that works! Available in packs of 5 - use one trap per infected plant.

RSM Traps pack of 5


RSM Traps pack of 20 saving £9.97


RSM Traps pack of 50 saving £5.00