Waspbane Wasp Traps

This chemical free wasp trap is designed to trap large numbers of wasps safely. It can be used anywhere in the garden, being particularly useful for protecting fruit trees such a plums and apples.

Greengardener - Waspbane Wasp Traps

The WaspBane wasp trap kills 100% of the wasps that it catches. If you do not kill 100% of the wasps you catch, the escaped wasps will return with reinforcements! Unlike other traps (especially home made traps) the WaspBane does not make your wasp problem worse! Each trap consists of a disposable collection chamber, which containing a unique natural lure and is replaced once a season. It also has a permanent funnel, which guides the wasps to the trap and doesn't need replacing.

Waspbane Trap one complete trap


Waspbane Refill Refill only


Waspbane Offer Complete Waspbane PLUS Refill


Waspbanes x6 For Orchards / Public Spaces