Amblyseius for controlling RSM

Use Amblyseius andersonii to control Red Spider Mite when temperatures are either low i.e. below 16c or high i.e. regularly reach in excess of 30c/86f.

Greengardener - Amblyseius for controlling RSM

Amblyseius andersonii is a low / high temperature red spider mite predator, which should be introduced early/late in the season when temps are only 10c. Amblyseius andersonii also works in temps in excess of 30c, so if temps are regularly reaching this i.e. in the summer, then Amblyseius andersonii should be introduced INSTEAD of Phytoseiulus. 20 sachets is enough to treat the average greenhouse (10 x 6).

Ambly andersonii x5


Ambly andersonii x10 saving £2.50


Ambly andersonii x20 saving a further £7.50


Ambly andersonii x100 saving a further £12.50