Nematodes for Scale

Scale affects plants both underglass and outside. Underglass, scale loves citrus. Outside, keep a close eye on Japenese acers, camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas and box. Control scale insect by spraying with Scale Nematodes.

Greengardener - Nematodes for Scale

Spray with Scale Nematodes 3 times at 3 week intervals ANYTIME scale insect is discovered and the temp is above 14c. OUTDOOR plants can be treated when the temperature is above 14°c or move indoors and treat. Scale is motionless and sticks firmly to the stem and the underside of leaves from which they suck the sap. Scale insects produce large quantities of honey dew which drips onto the lower leaves & is then colonized by sooty mould. We send 3 sachets of scale nematodes at 21 day intervals. If the infestation is really heavy i.e. the plants are covered in sticky deposits, spray with SB Invigorator natural spray (see natural sprays for more details) 1st and THEN SPRAY WITH SCALE NEMATODES - order our emergency pack consisting of SB Invigorator Concentrate sent 1st followed by 3 introductions of Scale Nematodes starting 7 days later.

Scale Nematodes 3 packs at 21 day intervals


Emergency Scale Pack SB Conc then Scale Nematodes 7 days later