Cryptolaemus for Mealybug

Mealy Bug is a conservatory and greenhouses pest that produces large amounts of sticky honeydew (which drips onto leaves and then sooty mould grows) PLUS distinctive white wool. Control Mealy Bug by introducing Cryptolaemus larvae.

Greengardener - Cryptolaemus for Mealybug

Mealy Bugs feed by sucking the sap from the plant (excess sap is excreted as honeydew which forms a sticky deposit on the lower leaves), so they will normally be found on the stems or leaf joints although they will attack leaves causing them to yellow. Mealy Bug lays it eggs in cotton like pouches resulting in "white wool" developing. Control mealy bug by introducing cryptolaemus larvae AS SOON as you see mealy bug and the temp is 16C/61F. If the infestation is really heavy i.e. the plants are covered in sticky deposits / wool, spray with SB Invigorator natural spray (see natural sprays for more details) 1st and THEN INTRODUCE CRYPTOLAEMUS - order our emergency pack consisting of SB Invigorator Concentrate sent 1st followed by 30 Crypto Larvae 7 days later.

Cryptolaemus Larvae x10 Cryptolaemus Larvae x10


Cryptolaemus Larvae x30 Cryptolaemus Larvae x30


Emergency Mealybug Pack SB Conc then 30 Crypto larvae 7 days later