Citrox Disinfectant

Citrox is a natural disinfectant, which contains extracts of citrus fruit and is ideal for cleaning your greenhouse as it is effective against a range of bacterial and fungal diseases.

Greengardener - Citrox Disinfectant

Citrox is ideal for cleaning greenhouses, water butts, bird tables and pots and trays. Citrox is ideal for keeping bird tables clean to minimise the spread of diseases. It can also be added to waterbutts (25ml per 100 litres of water) to keep the water clean and free from disease.

Citrox Twin Pack makes 20 litres


Economy Citrox makes 150 litres


Twin Citrox and 2 Garlic Candles saving £4.00


Eco Citrox an 6 Garlic Candles saving £10.00