Nite Eyes Fox Repeller

These solar powered units repel foxes, badgers & deer by mimicking the eyes of a predator. Nite Eyes do not harm the animals, but they will feel threatened, so they turn tail and run away. Nite Eyes will not harm wildlife or domestic pets.

Greengardener - Nite Eyes Fox Repeller

At night, the two red LED lights flash and it is these lights that stops the fox / badger - they believe the flash to be the eyes & the sense of being watched makes them run away. The fox, badger or MUST see the lights to be repelled, so position at eye level. If you are trying to protect a large area position the units 7m apart. The units are maintainance free, measure 10cm x4.5cm x 2.5cm and are fully weatherproof.

Nite Eyes


Nite Eyes x3 saving £6.00