Diatomaceous Earth

This very fine chemical free powder which is used in the same way as ant powder for controlling ants under paving slabs, in driveway or where ants are emerging from cracks etc. DE is safe to use around children, pets & wildlife.

Greengardener - Diatomaceous Earth

DE is 100% natural and is supplied as a fine powder in a 100g Puffer bottle or in 1kg tubs with a free re-fillable puffer bottle. Simply "squirt" the powder into cracks and crevices, where ants live or rub into a dog's coat to control fleas and ticks. DE controls insects by physical means not chemical. Insects die from contact with DE within a few days.

DE 1kg and Puffer 1kg tub and 1 x 100g Puffer


DE Puffers x2 2 x 100g Puffer Bottles