Copper Bands

These Copper Bands repel slugs and snails in the same way as the copper rings i.e. slugs and snails hate copper because of a reaction between their mucus and the copper, so when they come into contact they are repelled.

Greengardener - Copper Bands

Copper Slug Bandsare made from much thinner copper, so these bands can be easily clipped together to make much larger rings and they are much more flexible, so they can be bent into various shapes. These Copper Slug Bands will never wear out and will last for years. The Standard Bands make rings 10cm in diameter and the Large Bands make rings 17cm diameter, but they may be clipped together for large plants.

Copper Band Starter Pack 5 bands of each size


Copper Bands Std 10 Pack of 10


Copper Bands Std 30 Pack of 30


Copper Bands Lge 10 Pack of 10


Copper Bands Lge 30 Pack of 30