Aphid Control

Control aphids in your greenhouse / conservatory by introducing Aphidius (an aphid parasite) as soon as aphids are present and the average temp is 10C/50F. If the infestation is heavy then use Lacewing Larvae and / or a natural spray 1st.

Greengardener - Aphid Control

Aphidius is a naturally occurring aphid parasite which attacks a wide range of aphids making it ideal for controlling aphids in YOUR greenhouse / conservatory. Aphidius is supplied in small tubes, which are opened in the greenhouse / conservatory and the small Aphidius will fly out and search out the aphids. Alternatively if there are lots of aphids i.e. the plants are covered in sticky deposits, spray with SB Invigorator natural spray (see natural sprays for more details) 1st and THEN INTRODUCE APHIDIUS - order our emergency pack consisting of SB Invigorator Concentrate sent 1st followed 1000 Aphidius 7 days later.

500 Aphidius 500 Aphidius


1000 Aphidius 1000 Aphidius


Emergency Aphid Pack SB Invigorator then 1000 Aphidius 7 days lat