Slug Collars

Protect your plants from slugs AND snails with these Slug Collars, which are designed to slip over the tender shoots of hostas, delphiniums and other herbaceous plants. Also great in the veg garden to protect lettuce, rocket, beans etc.

Greengardener - Slug Collars

Simply screw the ring a few cms into the soil and the angled lip effectively keeps slugs and snails away from your plants. The collar can then be stored and re-used countless times. Dimensions - Height 12cm, diameter at base 13cm and diameter at top 18cm. A Hothouse Cover can be fitted, turning them into a mini hothouse. Ventilation holes prevent overheating and allow water in. The cover also provides protection from pests, heavy rain and hail.

Slug Collar Pack of 6


Hothouse Covers Pack of 6


Slug Collars and Covers 6 x Collars and Lids saving £2.00


Bumper Pack of Collars 18 x Collars and Lidssaving £10.00