Natural Tree Washes

One of the best ways of reducing pest numbers in fruit trees is to apply Winter Tree Wash during the dormant season before the leaves appear and then apply Garlic Wonder Fruit Tree Spray during the growing season.

Greengardener - Natural Tree Washes

Winter Tree Wash - This winter wash is based on natural plant oils which "dissolves" the eggs of pests such as greenfly, red spider mite etc. Apply to top and soft fruit at any time through the winter when the plants are dormant. Garlic Wonder Fruit Tree Spray - This spray contains organic extract of garlic blended with seaweed and citrus, which will stimulate growth and encourage a healthy root system, so the plants are much MORE vigorous, produce MORE fruit and are MORE resistant to attack from both insects and fungal diseases.

Garlic Wonder Spray 500ml


Winter Tree Wash 450ml


Tree Wash Offer Winter Wash and Garlic Wonder saving £2.00