Shocka Collar, Mats and Rolls

Shocka matting is impregnated with copper to repel slugs and snails. Use Shocka Cabbage Collars around cabbage plants, use Shocka Mats to protect pots and use Shocka Rolls for plants in the garden and awkward shaped containers.

Greengardener - Shocka Collar, Mats and Rolls

Shocka Mats - Stand your pots and containers on these simple, but effective Shocka Mats to protect them from snails and slugs all year round - simply stand your pots in the centre of the mat allowing a 2" overlap. Perfect for all plants in containers from hostas to herbs. Large Shocka Mats will protect pots up to 29.5cm/11.5" in diameter.

Shocka Roll - Simply plant through the Shocka fabric to protect plants from slugs and snails PLUS weeds are controlled too! Supplied on two different sized rolls, the matting can easily be cut to shape for containers or use around fruit and vegetables in the garden. The Large Shocka Roll is 4m/13ft long and 30cms/12" wide. The Economy Shocka Roll is 5m/16ft long and 0.9m/3ft wide.

Slug and Cabbage Fly Collars - Brassica plants including cabbage, cauliflower and sprouts etc are attacked by slugs, snails and cabbage root fly. Stop attacks from ALL these pests by placing this re-usable fabric collar around the young plant. These collars act as a mulch reducing soil moisture loss and suppressing weeds. 13cm in diameter.

Cabbage Collars x20


Cabbage Collars x100


Shocka Mats - Pack of 10


Shocka Mats - Pack of 30


Large Shocka Roll - 4m x 30cm


Eco Shocka Roll - 5m x 90cm