Copper Slug and Snail Tapes

These self adhesive copper tapes are the simple and effective way to protect plants in containers from slugs and / or snails. Wrap these copper tapes around the rim or base of the pot to create a barrier that slugs and snails will NOT cross

Greengardener - Copper Slug and Snail Tapes

Slugs and snails hate copper, because of a reaction between their mucus and the copper. Use our best selling Copper Slug Tape (pictured) to protect pots and containers from slugs, but if it is snails, or a combination of the two, then use Flexible Slug and Snail Tape or our Serrated Copper Snail Tape. The Flexible Copper Slug and Snail Tape has a striped surface, which is very flexible, so it can be easily shaped around things. It is also much wider than traditional tape (38mm), so it forms an even more effective barrier. Use our serrated Copper Snail Tape if your main problem is snails or a mixture of BOTH slugs and snails. The serrated edge adds another line of defence against even the most determined snails (and slugs). These tapes are available in 4 or 5 m rolls - a 4m roll goes around approx. 4 x 30cm pots, while a 5m roll in enough for 5 x 30cm pots.

Copper Slug Tape 4m


Copper Slug Tape x2 2 x 4m rolls saving £4.00


Copper Slug Tape x8 8 x 4m rolls saving £10.00


Flexible Snail Tape 4m


Flexible Snail Tape x3 3 x 4m rolls saving £6.00


Serrated Snail Tape 5m


Serrated Snail Tape x3 3 rolls saving £5.00