Nemasys No Ants

Tackle ants nests in lawns and borders by watering Nemasys® No Ants containing natural nematodes (steinernema feltiae) directly into the nests. Apply when the ants are present and the soil temp is above 10C i.e. between April and Oct

Greengardener - Nemasys No Ants

Apply Nemasys® No Ants to controls ants of all colours including red ones. Water the nematodes directly into the ants nest using a watering can or hose-end feeder anytime between March and October (it needs a soil temp of 10c). Standard pack treats 16sqm (or 16 large ants nests) and the large pack treats 50sqm (or 50 large ants nests). Nemasys® No Ants needs a soil temp of 10c and is also a perishable product (it will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge), so order when you are ready to apply.

Nemasys No Ants 16 sqm


Lge Nemasys No Ants 50 sqm