Ladybird House & Food

This attractive, hand-crafted, wooden habitat for ladybirds & other beneficial insects has a central chamber filled with natural material, which provides a cosy home for them. Use Ladybird Food to encourage ladybirds to stay in your garden

Greengardener - Ladybird House & Food

Position the ladybird house next to aphid infected plants, in a sheltered, warm spot away from prevailing winds in flower beds, rose or shrub borders or even in a planter on a terrace. Holes are drilled in an upward angle, so the ladybirds can reach this insulated and safe inner chamber. 30cm high x 15cm x 15cm. Our Ladybird attractant and food comes as a powder, which is mixed with water.

Ladybird House


Ladybird Food x2 2 sachets


Lbird Hse and Food House and 2 sachets of foodsaving £2.00