Sb Invigorator

This natural spray controls pests in a safe and effective way PLUS it controls fungal diseases and contains a foliar feed. Use it to control pests when it is too cold for predators or to clear heavy infesations BEFORE introducing predators.

Greengardener - Sb Invigorator

Use SB Invigorator to controls insect pests such as aphids, scale insect, red spider mite, mealy bug and whitefly PLUS used regularly it will reduce fungal diseases such as mildew and it contains a foliar feed to help plants recover. SB Plant Invigorator is biodegradable and non toxic and can be used on edible plants. As this spray is chemical free, predators can be introduced as soon as the spray has dried (and the temperatures are warm enough for the predator).

SB Invigorator RTU 500ml


SB Invigorator Conc 250ml makes 25 litres


SB Invigorator Super Conc 1 litre makes 500 litres


SB Conc and Solo Sprayer Offer saving £3.49